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Papers under review

A. Sanzeni, A. Palmigiano *, T.H. Nguyen*, J. Luo, J.J. Nassi, J.H. Reynolds, M.H. Histed, K.D. Miller, N. Brunel  

Mechanisms underlying reshuffling of visual responses by optogenetic stimulation in mice and monkeys, 2022


A. Palmigiano, F. Fumarola, D.P. Mossing, N. Kraynyukova, H. Adesnik, K.D. Miller

Common rules underlying optogenetic and behavioral modulation of responses in multi-cell-type V1 circuits, 2022


D.P. Mossing, , J. Veit, A. Palmigiano, K.D. Miller, H. Adesnik,

Antagonistic inhibitory subnetworks control cooperation and competition across cortical space, 2022


S. Wang, A. Palmigiano, K.D. Miller, S. Van Hooser 

Targeted cortical stimulation reveals principles of cortical contextual interactions , 2022


A. Palmigiano, R. Engelken, F. Wolf

Boosting of neural circuit chaos at the onset of collective oscillations, 2022


Journal Articles

S.R. Bittner, A. Palmigiano, AT. Piet, C.A. Duan, C.D. Brody, K.D. Miller, J. Cunningham

Interrogating theoretical models of neural computation with emergent property inference, eLife, 2021

A. Palmigiano, T. Geisel, F. Wolf, D. Battaglia

Flexible Information Routing by Transient Synchrony, Nature Neuroscience, 2017

A Witt, A. Palmigiano, A. Neef, A. El Hady, F. Wolf, D. Battaglia

Controlling the oscillation phase through precisely timed closed-loop optogenetic stimulation: a computational study, Frontiers in Neuronal Circuits 2013

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